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Roosikrantsi 2a, Tallinn

Tel: +372 6400045 manager@baierikelder.ee


About restaurant

Best traditions of restaurant Baieri kelder are Hospitality and refinement!

Baieri kelder is a world of fresh beer where the fragrant and heavy foam rises over the sparkling beer glasses, gourmet salads compete with toppings in originality and dishes from the stove Josper which are prepared with love by our cook.

Restaurant menu consists of traditional, new and delicious dishes: meat and vegetables, chicken and fish with deli sauces and spicy seasonings, capers, olives and fragrant herbs. Results of flavors mixing is a gastronomic symphony of the banquet meals. Try a crispy and tender leg of lamb or pork, spicy duck baked with honey and cinnamon and then enjoy the taste of our desserts "Napoleon", "–°hocolate fondant" or homemade ice cream.

Restaurant Baieri kelder is a place where time flies in a pleasant conversation, where the fun is side by side with an inspiration, where you can hold a business meeting or meet with friends and play board games. There is always cozy and comfortable like at home, and the restaurant staff unfailingly polite and helpful.

Come to visit us!

Baieri kelder is a fun place where you will find stunning kitchen, cool drinks, cozy atmosphere and good mood.

Come with your friends!

Restaurant Baieri Kelder opening hours:

Tuesday Saturday: 17.00 - 23.00;

Monday, Sunday: closed

Table reservations for smaller gatherings or bigger events at +372 640 0045 or +372 640 0047


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  • About restaurant
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